We have released 21 new titles so far this year.

Here’s a quick recap of them all.

2018_thru August

Why Worry?: Getting to the Heart of Your Anxiety by Robert D. Jones

Worry saps our sleep, drains our joy, and exhausts our energy. But there’s hope! Through his Word and Spirit, God gives his people the means to overcome worry. 

Prodigal Children: Hope and Help for Parents by Robert D. Jones

When adult children embrace ungodly lifestyles or beliefs, their parents may experience shock, confusion, anger, guilt, shame—even despair. Robert Jones provides biblical advice that comforts the distressed.

Catching Foxes: A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage by John Henderson

This interactive guide helps you to prepare your soul for marriage, develop a better understanding of your future spouse, and head off issues that will detract from a successful marriage.

Only One Way: Christian Witness in an Age of Inclusion edited by Richard D. Phillips & Michael L. Johnson

Sometimes even believers become uncomfortable with Christianity’s exclusive claims. Here noted pastors defend our faith in one God, one Savior, and one truth, reminding us of our reasons for confidence. 

Knowing and the Trinity: How Perspectives in Human Knowledge Imitate the Trinity by Vern S. Poythress

Everyone views life from a personal perspective. God’s Trinitarian perspectives are evident in both general and special revelation—showing that our world originates from a Trinitarian mind that is knowable.

Zephaniah, Haggai, Malachi by Matthew P. Harmon & Iain M. Duguid

God is both Judge, and a refuge from judgment, faithful to those who fear him, a blessing at the center of your life—major lessons from so-called “minor prophets.” 

Streams of Mercy: Prayers of Confession and Celebration by Barbara R. Duguid edited by Iain M. Duguid

Would you like to bring greater depth to your prayers? These Trinitarian-focused prayers are designed for private or church use—providing gospel comfort on topics including purity, waiting, and hope.

Help for the New Pastor: Practical Advice for Your First Year of Ministry by Charles Malcolm Wingard

The first year of ministry is make-or-break for new pastors. Get the primary duties of the minister—sermon preparation, sacraments, visitation, counseling, and hospitality—right from the start.

Pride and Humility at War: A Biblical Perspective by J. Lanier Burns

Is pride a necessary tool to achieve significance? Is humility a form of self-hatred? Our society misunderstands both, yet Burns shows how biblical humility overcomes pride, leading to greater rewards.

For the Love of Discipline: When the Gospel Meets Tantrums and Time-Outs by Sara Wallace

Did you know discipline is something you do for your kids, not to them? Sara helps moms to ditch quick fixes, embrace gospel-driven discipline, and pursue their children’s true growth.

Domestic Abuse: Help for the Sufferer by Darby Strickland

Experienced family counselor Darby Strickland helps those oppressed by abuse to speak out, find support, and determine their next steps, showing God’s heart for them and desire to rescue them.

Domestic Abuse: Recognize, Respond, Rescue by Darby Strickland

Experienced family counselor Darby Strickland explains from Scripture what truly happens in oppressive marriages and how counselors, friends, and family can defend and protect victims while correcting and discipling abusers.

Loving Your Friend through Cancer: Moving beyond “I’m Sorry” to Meaningful Support by Marissa Henley

Do you know someone with cancer? Cancer survivor Marissa Henley gives practical guidance on providing emotional, physical, and spiritual support for friends or acquaintances—while avoiding painful mistakes. 

The Life of Moses: God’s First Deliverer of Israel by James Montgomery Boice

This epic study on Moses teaches us much about faithfulness, prayer, and leadership—yet Boice shows that the narrative’s true power resides in its vivid foreshadowing of a greater Deliverer.

Journeys with Jesus: Every Path in the Bible Leads Us to Christ by Dennis E. Johnson

The Bible’s focus is on a relationship between God’s people and their Redeemer. Follow the story’s threads and see Christ and his mission emerge naturally from the tapestry of Scripture.

Free to Be Sons of God by Geoffrey M. Ziegler

An exegetical and theological analysis of freedom in which I argue that the biblical category of divine sonship is a superior conception of freedom to modern liberalism’s identification of freedom with autonomy.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Avoidance Is Not Purity by Aimee Byrd

Society’s sexualized views of men and women distort our calling to treat one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Deepen relationships and hone your witness by embracing this sibling identity.

The Trinity, Language, and Human Behavior: A Reformed Exposition of the Language Theory of Kenneth L. Pike by Pierce Taylor Hibbs

Hibbs explores the language theory of Kenneth Pike in the light of the Trinity, showing how various facets of language are analogically linked to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

A Development, Not a Departure: The Lacunae in the Debate of the Doctrine of the Trinity and Gender Rolesby Hongyi Yang

Examining missing elements in the debate about the doctrine of the Trinity and its relation to gender roles, Yang illuminates areas that need to be more carefully addressed by both sides.

Theological English: An Advanced ESL Text for Students of Theology by Pierce Taylor Hibbs with Megan Reiley

Prepares non-native English speakers to study theology in English at an advanced level. Lessons cover the major theological genres, and practical exercises develop reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. 

“King of Israel” and “Do Not Fear, Daughter of Zion”: The Use of Zephaniah 3 in John 12 by Christopher S. Tachick

Supported by careful exegesis and attention to literary and theological contextual details, Tachick opens up new insights into John 12 and the nature of Jesus’s kingship.