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Authors » Vern S. Poythress

Vern S. Poythress (MLitt, University of Cambridge; PhD, Harvard University; DTh, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa) is Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He is also the author of Understanding Dispensationalists; Science and Hermeneutics; Implications of Scientific Method for Biblical Interpretation; Symphonic Theology; The Validity of Multiple Perspectives in Theology; and The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses.

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Understanding Dispensationalists, Second Edition

Vern Poythress believes that dialogue is possible between dispensationalists and covenant theologians. This second edition adds a postscript in which Poythress responds to feedback from d...

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ISBN 9780875523743
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The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses

What does the Old Testament have to do with Jesus Christ? Everything. The first five books of the Old Testament were written centuries before the birth of Jesus. Yet they intricately invo...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9780875523750
Direct Price $22.99 $17.00

God-Centered Biblical Interpretation

Theologically and pastorally profound, this study of biblical hermeneutics builds on Trinitarian presuppositions, while exposing the idols that lead interpretation astray. Poythress empha...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9780875523767
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The Returning King A Guide to the Book of Revelation

Study Guide to the Book of Revelation Noted New Testament scholar Poythress provides an understandable and practical look into Revelation in this insightful commentary. Poythress focuses ...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875524627
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Symphonic Theology The Validity of Multiple Perspectives in Theology

The truth of God is rich and multifaceted. Though a coherent body of revelation, the Bible comes to us through a variety of inspired authors, metaphors, and themes, highlighting the many ...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875525174
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Philosophy, Science, and the Sovereignty of God

We live in an atmosphere in which many people feel that intellectual integrity demands that one give up many elements in the biblical story. Not only evolution, but engineering, psycholog...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781596380028
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Resurrection and Eschatology Theology in Service of the Church

contributions from

Richard B. Gaffin Jr. stands tall among present-day theologians as one who has given his life to the study of Scripture and to its expression in the church. His influence spans five decad...

Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781596381261
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What Are Spiritual Gifts?

Spiritual gives, given by God, empower believers to serve others in both the church and the world. However, our own spiritual gifts today aren’t always easy to identify. What gifts ...

Format Booklet
ISBN 9781596382091
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Christian Interpretations of Genesis 1

Several interpretations of Genesis and scientific evidence endeavor to demonstrate harmony: among them young-earth creationism, mature creation, the day-age theory, the analogical-day the...

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ISBN 9781596386860
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Did Adam Exist?

Can we still believe in a historical Adam? Vern Poythress offers a theologically and scientifically informed evaluation of the claims that genetic analyses show Adam could not have existe...

Format Booklet
ISBN 9781596389175
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