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Theology » Systematic Theology

Concise Reformed Dogmatics

A full treatment of Reformed systematic theology, this volume is accessible to church officers and interested lay readers, as well as teachers and students of theology. Like the celebrate...

Format eBook
ISBN 9780875525778
Price $39.99

Concise Systematic Theology An Introduction to Christian Belief

Experience the essence of Professor John Frame's profound, creative, and biblical theology in a single volume. Writing in a warm, conversational style, Frame distills nearly 10,000 pages ...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9798887790183
Direct Price $39.99 $30.00

The Doctrine of God A Theology of Lordship

  Readers familiar with Frame's analysis of historic doctrines and current questions will welcome this second installment in the Theology of Lordship series. Here he examines the at...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875522630
Direct Price $45.99 $34.50

The Doctrine of the Christian Life A Theology of Lordship

The third volume of Frame’s Theology of Lordship series, this book focuses on biblical ethics, presenting a method for ethical decision-making, an analysis of biblical ethical teach...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875527963
Direct Price $49.99 $37.50

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God A Theology of Lordship

Frame explores our relationship with God as a knowing relationship. He writes, "We tend to forget how often in Scripture God performs His mighty acts so that men will 'know' that He is Lo...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875522623
Direct Price $39.99 $30.00

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The Doctrine of the Word of God A Theology of Lordship

John Frame's A Theology of Lordship series has been greeted with acclaim, The Doctrine of God receiving an ECPA Gold Medallion Award. This fourth and final volume in the series discusses ...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875522647
Direct Price $59.99 $44.99

Dogmatic Theology, Third Edition

edited by Alan W. Gomes

One of the great systematic theologies in the modern era is now available in a new edition: Completely retypeset. First one-volume edition (3 vols. in 1) Unabridged All Latin, French, an...

Format Hardcover
ISBN 9798887790817
Direct Price $79.99 $60.00

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Institutes of Elenctic Theology Vol. 1: First through Tenth Topics

Treats theology, Scripture, the Trinity, divine decrees, creation, providence, angels, the original state of humanity, sin, and free will. Endorsements "If ever a great theological work h...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875524511
Direct Price $44.99 $34.00

Institutes of Elenctic Theology Vol. 2: Eleventh through Seventeenth Topics

Treats God's law, the covenant of grace, the person and state of Christ, his mediatorial office, calling and faith, justification, and sanctification and good works. Endorsements "If ever...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875524528
Direct Price $44.99 $34.00

Institutes of Elenctic Theology Vol. 3: Eighteenth through Twentieth Topics

Treats the church, the sacraments, and the last things. Also includes indices, biographical sketches, and Benedict Pictet's funeral oration. Endorsements "If ever a great theological work...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9780875524535
Direct Price $49.99 $37.50