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Theology » Humanity

Adam in the New Testament Mere Teaching Model or First Historical Man?

Denying the historicity of Adam has become increasingly present within evangelical circles. Was Adam the first historical man? Does the answer really matter? And does it affect any import...

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ISBN 9781596385221
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Designed for Dignity What God Has Made it Possible for You to Be

People are confused about who they are. Even as Christians, we can puzzle over our self-image. What has God made us? What have we made of ourselves? And what can we become in Christ? Rich...

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ISBN 9780875525082
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The Hunger for Significance

The search for dignity is a titanic struggle, an epic adventure, prodded by a pain that will not go away. Modern man has an aching void. The emptiness we feel cannot be relieved by one mo...

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ISBN 9780875527017
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Imputation of Adam's Sin

This classic work by John Murray studies the various interpretations of Romans 5:12–19, examining the syntactical construction, the sin contemplated, the union involved, the nature ...

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ISBN 9780875523415
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The Imitation of Christ in the Gospel of Luke Growing in Christlike Love for God and Neighbor

Christians instinctively desire to be like Jesus. Yet evangelical and Reformed thinkers have done little to wed this desire to sound theology and responsible biblical interpretation. With...

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ISBN 9781596382169
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What Is Man?

“Who am I?” All people, from all walks of life, ask this question as they think about their purpose on earth. Here Troxel extends the scope to all of mankind, and addresses th...

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ISBN 9781596381667
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