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Theology » Eschatology

The Eschatology of the Old Testament

In this previously unpublished material, a pioneer in Reformed biblical theology examines the hopes, expectations, and understanding of Old Testament saints regarding the future. Compiled...

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ISBN 9780875521817
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An Eschatology of Victory

There is great debate today over the meaning of Matthew 24 and Revelation 20, two passages central to any discussion of eschatology. Does Matthew 24 prophesy a coming Great Tribulation or...

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ISBN 9780875523132
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From Age to Age The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology

For those schooled in the likes of Vos, Ridderbos, and Kline, the apprehension of eschatology broadly conceived is like Dorothy’s move from black-and-white Kansas to Technicolor Oz,...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781629950907
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Hell on Trial The Case for Eternal Punishment

With extreme care and faithfulness to Scripture, Peterson sets forth the case for eternal punishment and refutes four alternative views. A timely response to current denials of the histor...

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ISBN 9780875523729
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I See Dead People The Function of the Resurrection of the Saints in Matthew 27:51–54

Matthew 27:51–54 and 28:1–10 both focus on Christ’s death and resurrection—so these texts must be read together in order to understand their theological significan...

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ISBN 9781629955575
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This is a concise, comprehensive, and hope-filled study of death and immortality. Boettner addresses a wide range of questions, including what happens at death, prayers for the dead, buri...

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ISBN 9780875521466
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The Israel of God Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Robertson offers a look at the questions: "Who is the Israel of God today?" and "What is their relationship to the Promised Land, and to Israel's worship, lifestyle, and future?" Endorsem...

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ISBN 9780875523989
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Written from the viewpoint of post-millennialism, this work provides a critical analysis of the three positions in eschatology: pre-millennialism, a-millennialism and post-millennialism. ...

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ISBN 9780875521138
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Pauline Eschatology

The foreword describes this book as "a classic of unprecedented insight into the structure of Paul's theology." Vos's basic thesis is that to unfold Paul's eschatology is to set forth his...

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ISBN 9780875525051
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Postmillennialism An Eschatology of Hope

The promises of the gospel offer hope of a brighter future for the families and nations of the earth. Mathison's an optimistic eschatology supported by biblical, historical, and theologic...

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ISBN 9780875523897
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