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The Israel of God

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9780875523989
Publication Date 05/01/00

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Robertson offers a look at the questions: "Who is the Israel of God today?" and "What is their relationship to the Promised Land, and to Israel's worship, lifestyle, and future?"


"Is the modern state of Israel the fulfillment of ancient prophesy? Are Jewish people saved by virtue of being God’s chosen people? These important questions affect our theology, evangelism, missions—even our politics. Palmer Robertson carefully and clearly takes us to the Bible to answer these and other questions. His masterful exegesis of Hebrews 7 and Romans 11 alone are worth the price of this book."

—Tremper Longman III

"Palmer Robertson provides a fresh and brilliant insight into the content of God’s promises of redemption to Old Testament Israel and their relevance to the Christian church. This is an exciting read."

—R. C. Sproul

"Dr. Robertson has addressed this perennial, much-disputed topic in a fashion that is not only both incisive and engaging but also, to this reader at least, thoroughly convincing. My hope is that this book will serve to unite Christians today in affirming his concluding propositions."

—Richard B. Gaffin


The Author

O. Palmer Robertson

O. Palmer Robertson

O. Palmer Robertson (ThM, ThD, Union Theological Seminary, Virginia) is the founder of Consummation Ministries. Previously, he was director and principal of African Bible University in Uganda and taught at Reformed Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary, and Knox Theological Seminary. He has also served for many years as a teaching elder in various pastoral roles.