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Great Thinkers

Great Thinkers: Critical Studies of Minds That Shape Us is an academically, biblically, and theologically informed series that explores the seminal thoughts of leading philosophers who have shaped the modern world. Writing from a Reformed perspective, the series' authors identify the most influential cultural features of each great thinker and the most apologetically effective ways to address these.

Jacques Derrida

Christian thinkers and writers who address Jacques Derrida’s philosophy face two potential pitfalls. One is to recast Christianity in an ill-fitting Derridean mold; the other is to ...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781629952277
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Karl Marx

Karl Marx is the most influential political philosopher of the past 150 years. Understanding him is essential to understanding post-WWII Europe, American foreign policy, China and North K...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781629951508
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Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas’s theological system (Thomism) has influenced those inside—and outside—the church for more than seven hundred years. Yet while innumerable introductions t...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781629951416
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