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The Life of Moses

God's First Deliverer of Israel

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Format: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 472
ISBN: 9781596387539
Publication Date 05/31/18

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“Apart from Jesus Christ, no person in history has made as deep or lasting an impression on the world as Moses.”

So begins this study of the life of Moses—the renowned lawgiver, prophet, friend of God, and deliverer of his people. The events of his life, spanning four books of the Bible, resound throughout Scripture—and while our own lives may seem to pale in comparison, God wants to grow in us the same character traits that he used in the life of this “servant of God” (Rev. 15:3).

This epic undertaking, composed of never-before-published material from the late James M. Boice, delves fully into the narrative of Moses’ life, uncovering its rich meaning and its gospel application to our lives today. Dr. Boice captures the broad sweep of Israel’s captivity, deliverance, and wanderings, defends the Bible’s historical reliability, and offers wise pastoral advice on many practical topics.

Demonstrating what we can learn from their successes and strengths as well as their sins and failures, Boice also leads us to look beyond Moses and the Israelites to the awesome power of their God and the much needed, final Deliverer of his people to come.


“Dr. James Montgomery Boice was first and foremost a preacher. He preached with authority because he had a profound sense of the binding and compelling truthfulness of God’s Word. And because Scripture is the very word of God, Boice had a profound sense of drama. We see this clearly in these never-before-published lessons on the life of Moses. Here we find astounding moments and breathtaking scenes. Here we find ourselves standing on holy ground. Here we learn from Moses that we must trust God, obey God, and focus on God to the exclusion of all else. And here Dr. Boice continues to teach us of our ultimate calling: to worship God in the splendor of his glory.”

—Stephen J. Nichols, President, Reformation Bible College; Chief Academic Officer, Ligonier Ministries

“Dr. Boice teaches us about more than the life of Moses. He teaches us why we can trust the God of Moses and how we are to hold fast to God’s Word. Through the life of Moses, Boice teaches us about the life of faith in our Redeemer. Once again, Boice’s pastoral care in his writing makes this book a great resource for laypeople to use during their devotional time.”

—Aimee Byrd, Author, Why Can’t We Be Friends? and No Little Women; Cohost, Mortification of Spin podcast

“What a gift to the church are these words from a faithful preacher of the Word who now knows the full presence of the Lord Jesus he served so?well. As Dr. Boice unfolds the words and life of Moses in these chapters, he unswervingly points us to the promised prophet—one like Moses, but the very Son of God, the Word made flesh. I’m grateful to Linda Boice and those who with such excellence and love have compiled and edited this volume.”

—Kathleen Nielson, Author, Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word; Advisor and Editor, The Gospel Coalition

“Dr. Boice had an eye for the many close connections between the Old and New Testaments. With Moses, those connections are especially abundant. The result is an exposition that frequently displays Jesus Christ in his atoning sacrifice and resurrection glory. . . .

Everyone who reads this life of Moses will have the rare and genuine pleasure of hearing Dr. Boice’s strong voice again. By the grace of God, the message in its pages will bring fresh blessing to the church of Jesus Christ.”

—Philip Graham Ryken, from the foreword

The Author

James Montgomery Boice

James Montgomery Boice

James Montgomery Boice (BA, Harvard; BD, Princeton; ThD, University of Basel) was the pastor of historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.