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Authors » Carol J. Ruvolo

Carol J. Ruvolo (BS, MBA, University of New Mexico) has taken graduate-level courses at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and several courses from Ligonier Ministries of Canada’s School of Theology. She has been teaching the Bible since 1983 and writing books on biblical themes since 1998. A longtime resident of Albuquerque, she now speaks at women’s conferences and retreats around the country. Though a devoted churchgoer from childhood, she did not experience God’s saving grace until she was an adult. Soon after her conversion, she quit her job at a national defense laboratory and began devoting her time to raising her daughter and studying the Scriptures. During the two years, she taught for the first time and realized that teaching is her spiritual gift.

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God With Us Light from the Gospel

God With Us Light from the Gospel Light from the Gospels

This lively, thirteen-lesson survey of the gospels, will bring you face to face with the central figure in all of Scripture—Jesus Christ. Accenting the purpose for each gospel ...

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No Other Gospel

No Other Gospel Finding True Freedom in the Message of Galatians

Paul's letter to the Galatians confronts the "different gospel" that took root in first century Galatia and still entices believers today. He exposes it as a deadly distortion of truth an...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875526355
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