We are rebooting the weekly author interview section of our blog! This week’s interview is with Josh Mulvihill. He is the author of our new book, Preparing Children for Marriage: How to Teach God’s Good Design for Marriage, Sex, Purity, and Dating.


  • Question #1—Tell us a little bit about yourself: where you’re from, family, job, personal interests, unique hobbies, what you do in your spare time, etc.

I grew up in Texas and live in Minnesota. I’m married to Jen and we have five children. I enjoy fishing with my family, cheering for the Twins and Vikings, a crackling bonfire, fresh snow, and a good laugh with lifelong friends.

  • Question #2—Which writers inspire you?

JC Ryle and Charles Spurgeon. I appreciate their laser focus on the gospel and application to life.

  • Question #3—Do you have a specific spot where you enjoy writing most?

My most productive writing happens in my home office. I write best in the early morning in a comfortable chair with absolute quiet. I need to eliminate distraction and focus my attention.

  • Question #4—Do you have a favorite movie? What is it and why?

“What About Bob” – anyone in ministry can sympathize with Dr. Leo Marvin’s experience!

  • Question #5—Do you have a favorite quote? 

“He who chases two rabbits catches neither” and “living in light of eternity”.

  • Question #6—How do you deal with writer’s block?

Drink coffee, take a walk, or read a book.

  • Question #7—Favorite sport (team) to watch?

Football. The Vikings.

  • Question #8—Favorite food?

Canadian Walleye and raspberries.

  • Question #9—Favorite flavor of ice cream?


How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Buy Josh’s book:

CBD: $13.49

WTSbooks: $15.29

Amazon: $16.97