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A Graded Reader of Biblical Hebrew

Mastering Different Literary Styles from Simple to Advanced

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 120
ISBN: 9781629956480
Publication Date 11/30/18

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Now that you’ve learned Hebrew, it’s time to master it.

Students who complete a basic grammar of biblical Hebrew must next practice their hard-won skill by interacting with full texts. In this comprehensive graded reader, Professor William Fullilove provides helpful notes and questions to walk you through full texts in a variety of genres: from narrative and law to psalms and wisdom literature. His graded approach, starting with simpler texts and progressing to higher complexity, gives you the confidence you need to progress in your understanding of biblical Hebrew.

Your studies are valuable. Don’t lose the ground you’ve gained—go farther.


“Dr. Bill Fullilove is a master teacher of the Hebrew language. This Graded Reader, carefully arranged and annotated, will equip students to do what they really want to do: read and use Hebrew with skill and faithfulness.”

—James L. (Jay) Harvey III, Executive Director, Reformed Theological Seminary, New York

“Addresses a real gap in language learning. . . . [Fulillove] places students at the center yet again, providing even more resources to help them in the ultimate goal of their study: learning to read Hebrew now and in the future. This resource will provide students with the much-needed encouragement to persist with their Hebrew and to consolidate their early learning.”

—C. A. Strine, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer in Hebrew Bible, University of Sheffield

“Students will find biblical texts of increasing difficulty, clear and concise explanations of grammatical and syntactical concepts, and a simple format that lends itself to student learning. Rather than forcing the reader to adopt a particular syntactical methodology, Fullilove simply provides the biblical texts with footnoted helps so that students can experience the delight of reading God’s Word. . . . Fullilove’s Graded Reader provides a superb resource for students.”

—Adam J. Howell, Assistant Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Boyce: The College at Southern

“Perfect for introducing students to the breadth of biblical Hebrew, while reinforcing basic grammatical principles and challenging them to learn new ones. . . . The questions posed move beyond the typical parsing and grammatical analysis to aid students in seeing the exegetical significance of what they’re learning.”

—Scott C. Jones, Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, Covenant College

“Offers students of biblical Hebrew a powerful tool for retaining and improving their grasp of the language. Learning a language is more than memorization and drills, and Dr. Fullilove serves the endeavor as he guides us through representative passages from the biblical text.”

—Scott Redd, President and Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Washington, DC


The Author

William Fullilove

William Fullilove

William Fullilove (M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary; Ph.D., The Catholic University of America) is the associate professor of Old Testament and dean of students at Reformed Theological Seminary in New York City, as well as an ordained pastor. He teaches Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis and has published on biblical and ancient languages and Old Testament and New Testament topics.