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A Still and Quiet Mind

Twelve Strategies for Changing Unwanted Thoughts

Direct Price: $15.99 $12.00
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781629959214
Release Date 06/22/22


Are you distracted by racing or anxious thoughts? Distressed by intrusive or irrational thoughts? Struggling with sinful or untrue thoughts? You may feel trapped in your own head, but God and his Word have given you many different ways to find freedom.

In this practical and sympathetic guidebook, biblical counselor Esther Smith provides twelve powerful strategies that are targeted to different thought struggles. Each chapter is filled with a variety of exercises so that you can begin to change your thoughts right away and live at peace.


“If you struggle with unwanted thoughts and don’t know what to do, this book is your answer.”

—Eliza Huie, Director of Counseling, McLean Bible Church, DC Metropolitan Area 

“Esther Smith has written the most practical and biblically faithful book on navigating unwanted thoughts that we have ever encountered.”

—David and Krista Dunham, Counselors 

“Esther’s book brims with compassion and empathy and is full of practical exercises you will immediately want to implement.”

—Jonathan D. Holmes, Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling 

“Esther offers hope as she shares her own personal story and provides biblical narratives that show how the power of God’s Word can transform your thinking.”

—Shannon Kay McCoy, ACBC Biblical Counseling Director, Valley Center Community Church


The Author

Esther Smith

Esther Smith

Esther Smith (MA in Counseling, Liberty University; Certificate from Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) is a licensed counselor who specializes in helping people who experience trauma, anxiety, and physical illness. She is the author of A Still and Quiet Mind and Chronic Illness (31-Day Devotionals for Life) and coauthor of The Whole Life.

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