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Cheer Up!

The Life and Ministry of Jack Miller

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9781629957210
Release Date 11/18/20


Through the New Life movement, pastor and author Jack Miller became the pioneering captain of an expansive network of gospel-centered, Reformed leaders who taught in seminaries, planted new churches, revitalized existing churches, and recruited and trained missionaries who were sent around the world. His influence is felt today through their work, his writings, and ministries such as Serge (previously World Harvest Mission) and the Sonship curriculum.

Drawing on extensive interviews with Jack’s friends, family, colleagues, and critics, as well as archival material, biographer Michael Graham gives us a full picture of Jack Miller—from his difficult childhood, early atheism, and conversion to his later teaching and ministries—showing how he pressed through grave challenges to bring the joy of God’s omnipotent grace to some of the most influential leaders in the church today.


“Jack Miller . . . taught me how to preach grace. Whatever the subject and whatever the text, people were being changed by being brought into connection with the work of Jesus Christ on their behalf. He taught me to preach grace no matter what the text. . . . There would never have been a Redeemer Church in New York City without the impact of Jack and Rose Marie Miller on our lives and hearts.” 

—Timothy Keller, Founding Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan; Chairman and Cofounder, Redeemer City to City (CTC)

“When people see my wheelchair and ask about my smile; when they wonder how I’m able to couple a strict orthodoxy with an infectious joy in Jesus, I often parrot a principle I learned years ago from Jack Miller, who said, “Cheer up! The spirit of Jesus is at work in your weakness.” Jack helped me to see that you could be a stalwart Calvinist and, at the same time, praise the Lord like a happy Pentecostal . . . even in the middle of pain and quadriplegia. Sound like a strange mix? In this remarkable book by Michael Graham, you’ll see how joyful zeal and sturdy doctrine should always reside together. I give this wonderful work on the life and teachings of Jack Miller a double thumbs-up!”

—Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

“The writings of Jack Miller have had a profound impact on both my personal spiritual walk and my ministry as a pastor. He’s shaped me as a father. Going far beyond strategies for church growth and effective preaching, Jack Miller gets at the heart of our calling as believers—to walk as beloved sons and daughters of the King. This book tells the story of Jack’s life and ministry, and it’s a wonderful read for anyone desiring to dwell in those secret places of the Most High.”

—J.D. Greear, Pastor, The Summit Church, Durham, North Carolina; 62nd President, Southern Baptist Convention


The Author

Michael A. Graham

Michael A. Graham

Michael Graham (MDiv, Covenant Theological Seminary; PhD, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is pastor at Hickory Grove Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, and director of The Jack Miller Project.