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Consider the Lilies

A Plea for Creational Theology

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 232
ISBN: 9780875527161
Publication Date 05/13/05

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Has a beautiful sunset ever filled you with awe? Sometimes God’s handiwork surprises us, flaming out for an instant before receding into what we normally regard as commonplace. Sometimes it seems to ooze around us with strength and power and an unmistakeable sense of divine presence. Other times we are too occupied with the affairs of the world to notice the glory shimmering and beckoning around us. We surround ourselves with things rather than a firsthand experience of God revealing himself in what he has made.

T.M. Moore calls us to examine the biblical doctrine of general revelation from the perspective of what he calls creational theology. As we see the revelation of God in creation, culture, and the conscience, we discover a deeper, richer, more wonder-filled and continuous relationship with him. We can train our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our minds to discern, and our hearts to delight in God’s capacious reservoir of glory and grandeur. And as our experience of God in creation reinforces his revelation of himself in his Word, we will see our reading and studying of Scripture come to greater brilliance and intensity.

In this artful introduction to creational theology, Moore helps us develop the skills and disciplines for doing theology as we look upon and interact with the world around us.


"Our technological culture has made it possible for the majority of people in the West to navigate through our lives without realizing how embedded they are in the wondrous and manifold created order of the eternal Sovereign. Moore’s original and insightful book calls us back to the childlike awe that should characterize every follower of Christ."

—Kenneth Boa, President, Reflections Ministries, Atlanta

"In sparkling prose, rich with theological and practical insight, T. M. Moore opens our eyes to see the glory of God in the works of his hands. Consider the Lilies promotes deeper enjoyment of creation and higher praise for the Creator."

—Philip Graham Ryken

"Transforms the routine notion of ‘general revelation’ into the invigorating category of ‘creational theology,’ and does so with biblical substance, laser-like clarity, and energizing practicality. Moore’s use of the poetry of Hopkins and Cowper, his reflections on Jonathan Edwards as the patron theologian of creational theology, plus the book’s God-centeredness make it a delightful and nourishing feast."

—David Naugle, author of Worldview: The History of a Concept


The Author

T.M. Moore

T.M. Moore

T. M. Moore (BA, University of Missouri; MDiv, MCE, Reformed Theological Seminary) is pastor of teaching ministries at Cedar Springs Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a fellow of the Wilberforce Forum and editor of its online journal, Findings. His column, Ars Poetica, appears on the Breakpoint Web page, along with his weekly devotionals. Moore is the author of several books. His essays, reviews, articles, and poetry have appeared in numerous journals and periodicals. He is a frequent speaker at churches, conferences, and seminars. He also pursued additional studies at the University of Wales.

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