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The Dark Faith

The Dark Harvest, Book 1

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 368
ISBN: 9781596381872
Publication Date 08/31/12

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The ancient Dark Faith was destroyed long ago. Or so they thought . . .

Morumus was but a boy when the murderous shadow of the Dark Faith fell upon his family. Now a devout monk, Morumus has been given the task of his life: translate Holy Writ into the language of those who practice the Dark Faith. His translation could be a great, sweeping sword, used to break its power!  But as Morumus and two fellow monks begin the task, dark currents drag them toward a dangerous conspiracy. Shadows from his past appear—in his sleep, on a lonely road, even on the cover of an old book. Coincidence? Or something more sinister? Can Morumus find the secret to vanquish the Dark Faith? Or will he once more lose everything—even his life?

An epic battle between good and evil commences in The Dark Faith, the first book in the masterful Dark Harvest trilogy. It is a battle that will push three warrior-clerics to the very limits of their strength—and their faith—as they fight to unearth the truth of an ancient evil, a tree rooted in bloodshed, and a fabled book that holds the secrets they seek.


“Darkness is on the rise in Aeld Gowan, and all that stands in its way is the unlikely hero Morumus, a bookish young monk with a gift for languages and a haunted past. Jeremiah Montgomery packs the first installment in his debut series full of adventure, dread, and dark conspiracy [and] will delight fans of fantasy and medieval history buffs alike, keeping them up way past bedtime.”

—J. Mark Bertrand, Author of Back on Murder and Pattern of Wounds

“A frightening engagement with the most cunning kind of evil! Montgomery’s epic fantasy is as relevant for today’s faithful as it is captivating.”

—Erin Healy, Author of House of Mercy and The Baker’s Wife


The Author

Jeremiah W. Montgomery

Jeremiah W. Montgomery

Jeremiah W. Montgomery has been an engineer, essayist, and pipemaker. He and his wife have four sons who love to read and a little girl who cannot wait to begin.