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Faerie Gold

Treasures from the Lands of Enchantment

edited by

Direct Price: $17.99 $13.50
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9780875527383
Publication Date 01/13/05

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Between the covers of this books are many gateways to magical places. Go where you like and leave when you want to. Take the doors you choose in any order you wish. These treasured stories will appeal to your imagination, while directing your heart and mind toward truth and integrity.

Faerie Gold: Treasures from the Lands of Enchantment contains twenty-one stories specially selected to awaken the reader’s imagination and direct it toward God’s light.

Timeless children's classics entertain families generation after generation, while showcasing rich moral values and encouraging healthy spiritual development. P&R Classics for Young Readers offer the finest children's stories with an accelerated pace, updated language, and full-page illustrations. Enrich the reading experience by using P&R companion study guides.


"C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien affirmed the power of fairy stories to educate the imagination and moral sensibility. Faerie Gold is a magnificent testimonial to the correctness of their judgment. This is first and foremost a book for children. But as all the greatest writers of fairy stories have insisted, adults never tire of the really great fairy stories. In addition to the anthology of classic fairy tales, the editors crowned their achievement with two sections that make it even more of a treasurean essay defending fantasy and fairy stories and a collection of choice quotations on those same subjects."

Leland Ryken