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Herman Bavinck

Pastor, Churchman, Statesman, and Theologian

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 528
ISBN: 9781596380806
Publication Date 10/01/10

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Highlighting the breadth of Herman Bavinck's experience in theology and politics, Ronald N. Gleason offers the English-speaking world a vivid picture of the Dutch theologian's life. Gleason, a leading authority on Bavinck's life and ideas, brings to light Bavinck's rich family heritage and contends that his family background played a crucial role in the development of the man who wrote the magisterial Reformed Dogmatics.

This is a thought-provoking portrait of an influential man whose "vigorous and winsome integrated Calvinism," as Roger Nicole describes it in the Introduction, continues to influence scholars and pastors today.


"This is a superb, even definitive biography, introducing the reader to one of the greatest thinkers in the life of the Church."

David F. Wells

"It is surprising that we've waited so long for a thorough and well-written account of the life and work of such a towering Reformed theologian, but it was well worth the wait!"

Michael Horton

"Gleason's contribution in these pages is nothing short of astounding. This is more than a biography; it is a theological and cultural analysis that aids us in grasping the significant contours of the past century. A magnificent achievement."

Derek W. H. Thomas


The Author

Ron Gleason

Ron Gleason

Ron Gleason (Drs, Theological Seminary of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands; PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is pastor of Bluffton Presbyterian Mission Church in South Carolina.

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