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Hold Fast in a Broken World

Fathers and Sons, Volume 2

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781596380776
Publication Date 09/26/08

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Hold Fast in a Broken World is a ramped-up call for young men to prepare for stalwart leadership in the family, church, and culture.

Doug Bond engages readers in a frank discussion of the cultural topics that a young man must biblically master if he is to be the winsome, servant leader of the rising generation. Covering topics from stem-cell research to abortion, feminism to gay marriage, multiculturalism to death art, Hold Fast will help fathers prepare their sons to live with courage and wisdom in a hostile world, to be strong men who live and die to the glory of God.


"Douglas Bond doesn't write for the faint-hearted. This is for men who want the next generationincluding their very own sonsto be more stalwart than they were themselves..."

Joel Belz, founder, World Magazine


The Author

Douglas Bond

Douglas Bond

Douglas Bond is the author of a number of books of historical fiction and biography. He is the father of six and the grandfather of eight and counting, as well as an elder in the Presbyterian Church of America, a teacher, a conference speaker, and a leader of church history tours. Visit his website at

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