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Making Kingdom Disciples

A New Framework

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Format: Paperback, eBook
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Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780875526409
Publication Date 01/17/05


Making Kingdom Disciples reorients how we think about and do discipleship. Charles Dunahoo—himself an educator and trainer of church leaders—leads us beyond programs to the kingdom worldview that transforms all of thought and life. Dunahoo's chief concern is that Christians know the Word, understand the World, and apply this knowledge.

Dunahoo helps readers to understand their service in God's kingdom, the differences between generations, the postmodern understanding of reality, and the Christian's life and worldview. Rather than develop a method, he presents the big picture, a new framework.


"Discipleship is generally understood as getting a new believer to read the Bible, pray, and evangelize. Charles Dunahoo helps us to see discipleship more fully as the overarching ministry of the church to bring every area of life under the lordship of Christ from the perspective of God's kingdom. Dunahoo describes how each generation differs from those before and after in its approach and understanding of the outworking of theology. The message remains the same, but must be fleshed out in a relevant way for the current generation. Must reading for leaders and teachers in the church."

Dennis Bennett

"A significant contribution to the way we think about discipleship. Dunahoo argues that discipleship involves a transformation, especially a radical change in the way we think. In the midst of postmodernism, someone needed to ask where we are going in making disciples. Dunahoo offers a challenging response."

Allen D. Curry


The Author

Charles H. Dunahoo

Charles H. Dunahoo

Charles H. Dunahoo (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is coordinator for the Committee for Christian Education and Publications of the Presbyterian Church in America and editor of Equip for Ministry.