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The Modern Search for the Real Jesus

An Introductory Survey of the Historical Roots of Gospel Criticism

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 170
ISBN: 9780875524559
Publication Date 01/01/95

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Critical scholars have increasingly questioned the reliability of the Gospels, voicing doubts as to what, if anything, we can know about the historical Jesus. But are the critics as objective as they purport to be? Robert B. Strimple examines their claims and assumptions in this concise survey of the historical roots of Gospels criticism from Reimarus to Bultmann and beyond.


“At last! An account of the continuing ‘quest of the historical Jesus’ that is readable but responsible, clear but penetrating. Professor Strimple has an intelligent commitment to the authority of the Gospels, and yet (or perhaps because of it) he is able to deal fairly with opposing viewpoints. Students will profit greatly from this book.”

—Moisés Silva

“Professor Strimple has given us the best introductory survey of its kind. Thorough—he covers all the bases. Penetrating—he cuts to the heart of the issues. Clear—he separates the fundamental from the peripheral. Challenging—he demands that God’s people wrestle with tough questions. Uncompromisingly faithful—his commitment to God and God’s Word is evident on every page.”

—Allen Mawhinney

“. . . exposes, behind the high claims of scientific neutrality and excellence, the thoroughgoing religious and so often naturalistic presuppositions underlying the movement. . . . should be heard by a wide audience as we enter a new epoch of radical criticism.”

—Peter Jones


The Author

Robert B. Strimple

Robert B. Strimple

Robert B. Strimple (BD, ThM, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD University of Toronto) is president emeritus and professor emeritus of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California. He is coauthor of Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond and a contributor to several other theological works