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The Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant

An Historical Study of the Significance of infant Baptism in the Presbyterian Church

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9780875525235

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Frank A. James III describes this classic volume as “an apology for the Calvinist conviction that the children of Christian parents properly belong to the church and therefore ought to be admitted to its visible membership through the sacrament of baptism.”

“Schenck’s passion and insight inspire us to discard our empty view of baptism with its sentimental, sleepy, and perfunctory notions of children,” writes James in the introduction. “Instead, he would have us praise God for the wonderful grace extended to our covenant children.” Schenck seeks to protect and preserve parents’ responsibility to nurture their children spiritually.

The Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant was first published in 1940. Lewis Bevens Schenck (1898–1985) was a professor at Davidson College for forty years. 


"A thorough study. . . . [It] testifies to the erudition and scholarly attainments of the author. And it will prove to be a work of absorbing interest for all those who are interested in the doctrine of the covenant. . . . Schenk has rendered us a great service. . . ."

—Louis Berkhof

"Schenck has very evidently done a great amount of painstaking research. . . . We heartily commend [this volume]."

—Leslie W. Sloat

The Author

Lewis Bevens Schenck

Lewis Bevens Schenck

Lewis Bevens Schenck (1898–1985) was J. W. Cannon Professor of Bible and Religion at Davidson College, where he taught for thirty-nine years. He earned a ThM degree from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD from Yale.