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The Prophet and His Message

Reading Old Testament Prophecy Today

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9780875525556
Publication Date 09/03/03

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Studying the prophets,” writes Michael J. Williams, “opens a window through which, if we look carefully enough, we may glimpse the entirety of God’s redemptive plan.” In The Prophet and His Message Williams helps both students and lay persons expand their vision of the Old Testament from a prophetic perspective.

Rather than introduce each prophetic book, Williams examines what a prophet is and does, Israel’s prophetic role, Jesus as the ultimate prophet, and the church’s prophetic ministry today. 


"Michael Williams skillfully explores the role of the prophets in order to bridge the horizon to their significance for individuals and the church today. Exegetically and theologically savvy." 

—Tremper Longman III 

"Williams has provided lay people with a way of reading biblical prophecy that helps them avoid the many popular and extreme outlooks that surround us today. What a joy to see sober reflection on this very important part of Scripture put in a way that everyone can understand." 

—Richard L. Pratt Jr. 

"In this very readable study, Michael Williams not only shows us who and what the Old Testament prophets were in their own context, he also reveals how that understanding helps us to grasp more fully the prophetic ministry of Christ and the prophetic calling of the church. This book will both fix your eyes upon Jesus and challenge you to a greater understanding of what it means to be a faithful Christian in your own setting." 

—Iain M. Duguid

The Author

Michael J. Williams

Michael J. Williams

Michael J. Williams (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary; PhD, University of Pennsylvania) is associate professor of Old Testament at Calvin Theological Seminary, where he has taught since 1995. He has also conducted lecture series in Kenya and the Ukraine. Dr. Williams is author of Deception in Genesis: An Investigation into the Morality of a Unique Biblical Phenomenon. His articles have appeared in Journal of Biblical Literature and Calvin Theological Journal, and he has contributed to The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion and The Dictionary of Biblical Imagery.