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Robinson Crusoe

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Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780875527352
Publication Date 10/09/02

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For more than 270 years, readers everywhere have been fascinated by the young fool who ran away from wealth, security, and family for a rough life at sea—and came to his senses too late, alone on a tropical island. Alone except for cannibals, that is, and God.

Robinson Crusoe’s adventure takes place on a remote island. Adjusting to the primitive conditions, he learns to make tools, shelters, bread, and clothes. More importantly, he becomes a Christian.

Modern editions tend to leave out Crusoe’s long struggle with God and his change as he studies God’s Word. As part of the Classics for Young Readers Series, Kathryn Lindskoog faithfully preserves such details.

Timeless children's classics entertain families generation after generation, while showcasing rich moral values and encouraging healthy spiritual development. P&R Classics for Young Readers offer the finest children's stories with an accelerated pace, updated language, and full-page illustrations. Enrich the reading experience by using P&R companion study guides.

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The Author

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe (1660–1731) served as a soldier, sold ship insurance, succeeded in the hosiery business, failed in the brick business, and worked as a political secret agent. But his main career was journalism. To support his wife and six children, he wrote over 560 books, pamphlets, and papers. On a couple of occasions, his peppery prose landed him in prison for embarrassing people in power. He was almost sixty years old when he turned to fiction. A Scottish sailor’s real-life adventures inspired him to write Robinson Crusoe (1719), which was an instant bestseller. 

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