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Same Lake, Different Boat [DVD]

Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability

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Format: DVD
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ISBN: 9781629953861
Publication Date 08/15/11

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Since its publication in 2006, Same Lake, Different Boat (P&R Publishing) has been acclaimed as "a classic work" on disability, the gospel, and the Church. Now you can hear Stephanie Hubach—in a personable and winsome fashion—articulate the principles found in each of the thirteen chapters of the book. In addition, Steph expands upon the books content with new insights, applications, and stories not included in the original publication.

Each DVD chapter begins with interview vignettes of ministry leaders, of individuals who have disabilities, and of family members. Following a 30-minute teaching segment by Stephanie, each chapter concludes with additional interviews that lead into discussion questions. A Leader s Guide is also included as a PDF file. Bonus footage contains an interview of Stephanies youngest son—Tim Hubach—fielding questions about his life. The series was filmed at Lancaster Bible College in front of a live audience.


Special thanks go to:

  • Harris-Harper Family Foundation
  • Mission to North America
  • Lancaster Bible College
  • 2010 Women in the Church Love Gift


Since 2007, Stephanie Hubach has served as Mission to North Americas Special Needs Ministries Director. Mission to North America (MNA) is an agency of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The purpose of MNA Special Needs Ministries is "making the gospel—the good news of the coming of the kingdom—accessible to all, in word and deed". Steph is also the author of All Things Possible: Calling Your Church Leadership to Embrace Disability Ministry (Joni and Friends, August 2007). Steph and her husband Fred have two deeply loved sons: Fred and Tim, the younger of whom has Down syndrome.


4 DVDs/13 sessions

Leader's Guide included

Produced by Carlson Media

Copyright © 2011, Stephanie O. Hubach. All Rights Reserved.

The Author

Stephanie O. Hubach

Stephanie O. Hubach

Stephanie O. Hubach (MATS, Covenant Theological Seminary) is research fellow in disability ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary and visiting instructor in the seminary's educational ministries program. Previously she served as the director of Mission to North America's Special Needs Ministries.