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Singing and Making Music

Issues in Church Music Today

Direct Price: $16.99 $13.00
Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 328
ISBN: 9780875526171
Release Date: 04/21/06

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In thirty-two thought-provoking essays on church music, Paul S. Jones, Organist and Music Director at historic Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, provides biblical reasoning and practical wisdom concerning the purpose and practice of church music. Topics addressed include corporate worship, hymnody and psalmody, composers, and composition, as well as:

• Criteria for good church music
• King David's praise team
• Instruments in worship
• Sacred music as prayer
• Luther and bar song
• What happened to hymns?
• Should church musicians be paid?
• J. S. Bach and musical hermeneutics


“Constructively provocative, learned, and commonsensical, this volume is a treasure trove for pastors, church musicians, and Christians who want to build a biblical theology of music and worship, as well as address the most pressing issues of today’s ‘worship wars’ positively and pastorally.” 

—J. Ligon Duncan III

“A wonderfully skilled musician, Dr. Jones combines keen theological insights with fascinating historical background. This book will help Christians to rethink worship— and to recover its authentic splendor.”

 —R. Albert Mohler Jr.

“Such high academic qualifi cations and such refi ned artistic taste are rarely found together in one person. This book gives us insight into the genius of his Christian witness in one of the music centers of our nation.” 

—Hughes Oliphant Old

“A fresh and passionate guide to the spiritual fabric of musical sound and sound theology. Pastors, teachers, and musicians will grow in wisdom and worship as they reflect on this study.” 

—Peter A. Lillback

“The church in every generation needs to be reminded that true praise begins with God and his glory, and not man and his need. Paul Jones sounds this note loud and clear in what is a very helpful book.” 

—Alistair Begg

“Calls us back to biblical worship with theological content as the priority in today’s church.” 

—Clayton Erb


The Author

Paul S. Jones

Paul S. Jones

Paul S. Jones (DM, Indiana University) is president of Paul Jones Music, Inc. and the composer or arranger of more than seventy sacred works. He was the music director at the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church for seventeen years.