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The Shepherd's Toolbox

Advancing Your Church's Shepherding Ministry

edited by

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Format: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781629955315
Publication Date 06/21/23

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In The Shepherd Leader, pastor and professor Timothy Witmer laid out seven elements of an effective shepherding plan, showing church leaders how to minister to their congregations in practical, pastoral ways.

Now, in this standalone but complementary volume, he gathers seven church leaders to show how they and their churches have addressed specific shepherding challenges in innovative ways. How do you adapt a shepherding plan to a large congregation? How do you fine-tune or revise plans that aren’t working? How do pastors get elders on board? How do leaders make sure the women of the congregation are receiving adequate care? John Barrett, Mark Hallock, Sue Harris, Ken Jones, Bijan Mirtolooi, Randy Schlichting, and Gary Smith contribute, and chapters by Witmer open and close the volume.


“Tim Witmer’s The Shepherd Leader was so good for my heart. Now comes the sequel, The Shepherd’s Toolbox, which is so good for helping me to get my hands around the practical aspects of church leadership.” 

­–Bryan Chapell, Stated Clerk, Presbyterian Church in America

“Tim Witmer has long served the church by helping pastors to understand and live out their God-given roles. In this valuable book, Witmer orchestrates a team of leaders who answer pressing questions.”

–Daniel M. Doriani, Professor of Biblical Theology, Covenant Theological Seminary

The Shepherd’s Toolbox shows us that there is a path forward for leaders, both men and women, whose hearts are guided by the Chief Shepherd and who are eager to care for their flocks. This book is eminently practical for churches that want to learn how to implement a congregation-wide shepherding strategy. I cannot recommend this highly enough!”

–Thomas C. Gibbs, President, Covenant Theological Seminary