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Theology for Ministry

How Doctrine Affects Pastoral Life and Practice

edited by

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Format: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 680
ISBN: 9781629956558
Publication Date 08/03/22

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When a rich theological perspective is lost, so is the larger story for pastoral ministry. When pastors see how God’s whole counsel shapes and impacts their entire ministry, both pastors and churches will thrive.

Deeply connecting theology with practice, this volume seeks to recover the rich scriptural framework for ministry that is grounded in key Christian doctrines such as the Triune God and his decrees, the person and work of Christ, and the application of all the benefits and blessings that come to us through the Spirit in our union with Christ. Contributors such as Joel Beeke, Ligon Duncan, Michael Horton, and Robert Letham write out of their experience both as pastors and theologians, providing a pattern of rich biblical-theological reflection that a vibrant ministry demands and that those engaged in ministry need in order to be sustained in their work.


“This book . . . shows how every point of theology can make God’s servants more helpful, holy, and happy.”

—Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“This book is important not only for what it says, but for what it models.”

—D. A. Carson, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Theology for Ministry repays careful reading . . . as an exploration of the biblical and confessional truths that should inspire and anchor all our lives.”

—Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, North Carolina

“I have learned something from every contributor in every contribution, and I think you will, too. . . . May you find here welcome encouragement from the truth of God’s Word for the faithful practice of God’s ministry to God’s people.”

—Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary

“There is no greater need than to help ministers think out the implications of historic scriptural doctrines for their life and practice in their own time and place. We have enough ‘how-to’ manuals that tend to stifle the theologically informed, practical creativity that Theology for Ministry provides.”

—Tim Keller, Pastor Emeritus, Redeemer Presbyterian Churches of New York City

“These essays herald the truth that ministry needs theology, and they offer a generous and vibrant vision that the church today urgently needs.”

—Stephen J. Nichols, President, Reformation Bible College

“This book obeys Philippians 2:29-30, which says of men who discharge ‘the work of Christ’ to ‘honor such men.’ Sinclair Ferguson is worthy of the honor this book ascribes because what is true for me is true for thousands of pastors worldwide: Sinclair Ferguson has taught me how the truths of the gospel shape and sustain pastoral ministry. I owe him more than I know and love him more than he would believe.”

Dane Ortlund, Senior Pastor, Naperville Presbyterian Church