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A Theology of Lordship

4 Volume Set

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 3176
ISBN: 9781596383791
Publication Date 12/06/10

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John Frame's Theology of Lordship series explores theology as the application of God's Word to our lives in all situations. Frame speaks to the whole of the Christian life: God's relationship to us, faith, apologetics, theology and philosophy, science and ethics, sexuality, Christ and culture, God's personal communication to us in his Word, and more. 

A Theology of Lordship includes:

Book 1 - The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (1987)

Book 2 - The Doctrine of God (2002)

Book 3 - The Doctrine of the Christian Life (2008)

Book 4 - The Doctrine of the Word of God (2010)


The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God:

"Breaks ground in stimulating and profound ways in theological methodology and apologetics, as well as in the central theological issues on the knowledge of God."

—Vern S. Poythress

The Doctrine of God:

"A magnificent treatment that will be a standard work for decades. Frame stands in the great Reformed tradition . . . yet in his treatment of the doctrine of God he surpasses them all with an amazing breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding. In every section Frame brings fresh insight to old doctrines."

—Wayne Grudem

The Doctrine of the Christian Life:

"Frame sets forth God’s commandments as broad and deep, as sweetly adaptable to the varieties of human experience. He shows how the person, promises, and actions of our redeemer God are always intrinsic to our wisdom, faith, and love. He sets forth a vision for the Christian life that, in fact, glorifies God of glory."

—David Powlison

The Doctrine of the Word of God

“I thank God for raising up John Frame in our day. We are the wiser, the more biblical, and the healthier because of it. And because he has written so deeply and so well about such great truths about a great God, this will, I believe, be the testimony of generations to come.”

—John Piper

The Author

John M. Frame

John M. Frame

John M. Frame (BD, Westminster Theological Seminary; AM, MPhil, Yale University; DD, Belhaven College) is J. D. Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando. He is the author of many books, including the four-volume Theology of Lordship series, and previously taught theology and apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) and at Westminster Seminary California.