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Treasures in Darkness

A Grieving Mother Shares Her Heart

Direct Price: $17.99 $13.50
Format: eBook
Pages: 277
ISBN: 9780875527987
Publication Date 08/02/05


Grief can be so debilitating that it blinds you to God's presence. Many who grieve struggle to face the sudden loss, much less embrace it and rest in it. In this remarkably honest book, Sharon Betters tells us the story of her teenage son's sudden death in a car accident. Excerpts from Sharon's journal express her raw grief, anger, and hunger to understand how God can be good and loving and still take away her youngest child.

Sharon Betters draws readers to a passage from Isaiah that carries God's promise to provide treasures for his people in the very midst of darkness and trouble. Whether they're suffering from recent or loss from the distant past, readers of Treasures in Darkness will see how they can experience God's presence and love even during the darkest times.


"No hope is real if it fails to recognize the reality of the pain and the necessity of pressing through darkness with nothing but faith to find our way. Sharon squarely faces personal pain and tenderly offers the realities of faith to provide a journey to hope even through our darkest nights."

Bryan Chapell, Covenant Theological Seminary

"Recognizing that our lives here on this side of heaven will be fraught with darkness and sorrow, Better's experience with grief will encourage and comfort you. With biblical wisdom and gentle insight, she'll draw your broken heart up to where hers is resting: safely in the loving arms of the Savior. I heartily recommend this book."

Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Idols of the Heart

"Treasures in Darkness will guide you from your deepest sorrow into a positive and productive walk with God. Sharon will help you learn to believe, trust, and live again."

Marilyn Heavilin, author of Roses in December and Grief Is a Family Affair


The Author

Sharon W. Betters

Sharon W. Betters

Sharon W. Betters is a pastor’s wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, as well as MARKINC Ministries’ cofounder and director of resource development. She is the author of several books, including Treasures of Encouragement and Treasures in Darkness, and the coauthor of Aging with Grace. She also writes Daily Treasure, an online devotional.