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What Is Worship Music?

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Format: Booklet
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9781596381988
Publication Date 06/14/10

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Worship music, designed to unify us in praise, remains one of the most divisive issues in today’s church. Churches should follow biblical principles for worship, but all too often this is not the case. The church has turned music into entertainment, following the trends of pop culture rather than embracing music’s biblical roles as praise, prayer, and proclamation.

This booklet presents biblical insight and revisits church history on the topic of worship music, with the goals of glorifying God and edifying the church. It seeks to unite us as we pursue our chief and highest purpose—worshiping God.

Basics of the Faith booklets introduce readers to basic Reformed doctrine and practice. On issues of church government and practice they reflect that framework—otherwise they are suitable for all church situations.


"A welcome addition to the series. Few authors are more qualified to write on this subject, since Paul Jones is not only a superb musician, but also a thoughtful scholar. The premise of the book is simple, yet profound: worship music should be music that is authorized by God, according to Scripture, for his greater glory. This is a first-rate guide for pastors, musicians, and worshiping congregations."

—William Edgar

The Author

Paul S. Jones

Paul S. Jones

Paul S. Jones (DM, Indiana University) is president of Paul Jones Music, Inc. and the composer or arranger of more than seventy sacred works. He was the music director at the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church for seventeen years.