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You Must Be Born Again

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 80
ISBN: 9798887790480
Release Date 09/04/24


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Is the new birth still relevant? Jonathan Master answers with a resounding yes in this short primer on Christ’s teaching. Learn about the problem we all face, the heart change God repeatedly promises throughout Scripture, the Holy Spirit he sends to accomplish his work, the new life that believers possess, and the glorious transformations that follow rebirth.


“Jonathan Master explains the foundational truth of the new birth with engaging clarity and brevity in his excellent primer. I cannot think there is a better, briefer exposition and thoughtful application of this truth in print. This is a book that should be read by every Christian and be on every church book table.”

—Ian Hamilton, President and Professor of Historical Theology, Westminster Seminary UK

“Here is crystal clarity about the depths of our sin and our spiritual need and God’s promise in Jesus Christ to give to all who seek him not simply a better moral compass but a whole new self. This timely little volume sums up the most urgent need of the age: you must be born again!”

—David Strain, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi

“There could not be a more needed message in this hour than the truth of the new birth. This doctrine runs throughout the pages of Scripture, yet becomes most prominent in the words of Jesus Christ. I urge you to read this book because your eternal destiny is at stake. May God give you eyes to see and a heart to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

—Steve Lawson, Lead Preacher, Trinity Bible Church of Dallas


The Author

Jonathan L. Master

Jonathan L. Master

Jonathan L. Master (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.