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Authors » James C. Petty

James C. Petty (MDiv, DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is emeritus director of the Children’s Jubilee Fund.

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Step by Step Divine Guidance for Ordinary Christians

How can I know God's will for my life? Sifting through confusion about divine guidance, promptings, "fleece," and inner voices, Petty clearly illustrates how to make biblically wise decis...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875526034
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Priorities Mastering Time Management

Do you wish for more hours in the day? A shorter "to do" list? Control in the midst of chaos? With insight and clarity, James C. Petty helps bring focus into frazzled lives. Using the "As...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875526850
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Guidance Have I Missed God's Best?

What choice should I make? How do I know that my decision will fit with God's plan for me? "We tend to think that while God has a 'best' plan for our life, he also has 'cheaper' plans for...

Format Paperback
ISBN 9780875526942
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Resources for Changing Lives 31 Book Set

Resources for Changing Lives provide book- and booklet-length counsel and guidance from a biblical perspective. Counselors including David Powlison, Paul David Tripp, and Ed Welch get to ...

Format Paperback
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Act of Grace The Power of Generosity to Change Your Life, the Church, and the World

A minority of Christians give 10 percent or more of their income to churches and missions, supporting the bulk of church work done today. If more people give, the possibilities will be br...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781629956053
Direct Price $17.99 $13.50