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Authors » Derek W.H. Thomas

Derek Thomas is minister of preaching and teaching at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He is editorial director of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and distinguished visiting professor of systematic and historical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary.

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What Is Providence?

Few things distinguish Christian and secular worldviews with greater clarity than the doctrine of providence: that everything that happens is the outcome of the sovereign overruling of Go...

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ISBN 9781596380929
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Give Praise to God A Vision for Reforming Worship

This call for the doxological reformation of the church is offered to “ministers who lead their congregations in worship, musicians who seek a deeper understanding of the spiritual ...

Format Paperback, eBook
ISBN 9781596383920
Direct Price $29.99 $22.50

God, Adam, and You Biblical Creation Defended and Applied

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What difference does Adam make? The answer, to many Christians today, is “not much.”  Adam, we are told, is a mythological figure who can safely be abandoned without comp...

Format eBook
ISBN 9781629950662
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Ezra & Nehemiah

The books of Ezra and Nehemiah tell a vital story of a community revived and restored by God’s grace through gifted individuals, preparing the way for the Messiah to come. Ezra, a p...

Format Hardcover, eBook
ISBN 9781629950037
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