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Learning God's Story of Grace

Living Story, Vol. 1

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Format: eBook
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781596382435
Publication Date 05/27/11
Series » Living Story


The grand narrative of Scripture is the greatest story in the world. It sings a song of redemption in four parts: creation, the fall, redemption, and consummation. Woven through each part of the story is the unifying theme of shalom: peace, wholeness, and harmony. This great story tells how the peace of shalom began, how it was lost and hopelessly sought, how it was partially restored, and how it will one day be restored in full.

Scripture shows us that the smaller stories of our own lives matter, too. Our stories fit and find meaning in the Bible’s grand story—and the narrative of shalom explains the loss, search, and future restoration of peace in our own lives.

In this meaningful, inviting, and encouraging study, Elizabeth Turnage lays out God’s grand story and helps you see where your own story fits. Engaging questions allow you to apply not only the study, but the entire story itself, to your own life. Unique sections help you to engage Scripture and live out the gospel in your own story.

The Bible exhorts us to know and tell our stories and how they fit into God's grand narrative, for only then will we find meaning. This engaging, welcoming guide is where it all starts.


"Her grasp of the mundane and miraculous and their interplay gives a depth and honesty to her story that tugs at the heart and gives us hope our story can matter. Her book will be a clarion call to bring our broken, holy, troubled, and glorious life to the author of all stories: Jesus." 

—Dan B. Allender

"Elizabeth draws me to understand God’s story, my story, and Scripture like few others."

—Shari Thomas


The Author

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage is a gospel life and legacy coach, author, and speaker. She helps people live, prepare, and share their legacy to bring hope to future generations. She cofounded the Numbering Your Days Network to share gospel encouragement for aging, caregiving, legacy, grief, and end of life. Elizabeth and her husband, Kip, enjoy feasting and sharing good stories with their four adult children, their children-in-law, and their young grandchildren.