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Living God's Story of Grace

Living Story, Vol. 2

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Format: Paperback, eBook
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Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781596384392
Publication Date 06/25/12

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Series » Living Story


Are you living God’s story, or just reading it?

We know that God’s grand narrative encompasses everything and everyone, and that our own individual stories have a place in it. We believe, but often we have a hard time living our place in this great story. Though we know God is at work bringing us redemption and peace, we often doubt that he will truly rescue or comfort us in our day-to-day struggles.

When this happens, when we live in fear rather than faithfulness, we try to take matters into our own hands and bring about the endings to our stories that we want. So what do we do when we start trusting and waiting in our own faithfulness instead of God’s?

This encouraging, vital study of the redemption stories in Scripture helps us reflect on the stories in our own lives and surrender our trust back to the One to whom it belongs. Each chapter focuses on a Scripture passage and is broken into four main sections to aid your individual study and encourage rich group conversation.

If you have already learned God’s story of grace, find out what it means to live in his story in faith and hope.


“Anchored in the text of the Scriptures, singing with the beauty of grace, Elizabeth’s book helps us find our place in God’s big story.”

Scotty Smith, Pastor for Preaching, Teaching, and Worship, Christ Community Church

“An amazing look at who God is and who that makes you . . . [and] an opportunity to . . . be awed, moved, and changed forever.”

Nancy Puryear, Women’s Ministry Director, Christ Community Church

“Elizabeth Turnage understands the power of story, the power of God and Scripture, the power of prayer, and the power of shared stories in community.”

Daniel Taylor, Professor of English, Bethel University


The Author

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage is a gospel life and legacy coach, author, and speaker. She helps people live, prepare, and share their legacy to bring hope to future generations. She cofounded the Numbering Your Days Network to share gospel encouragement for aging, caregiving, legacy, grief, and end of life. Elizabeth and her husband, Kip, enjoy feasting and sharing good stories with their four adult children, their children-in-law, and their young grandchildren.