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Loving in God's Story of Grace

Living Story, Vol. 3

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Format: Paperback
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Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781596388475
Publication Date 03/12/14

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Series » Living Story



People have tried to understand it since the beginning of time—yet our culture yearns for love more than ever. Is it possible to understand and, more importantly, to live love in a world desperate for it? 

Elizabeth Turnage reminds us that God alone can show and help us to understand love—for he not only loves us, but also empowers us to love as well. 

In previous studies, Elizabeth has helped us to learn God’s story of grace and to live it out ourselves. In this final Living Story book, she teaches us the ultimate joy of living in God’s story of grace: loving as God loves us.

Beginning by searching the depths and heights of God’s love, she moves on to show us where we fit in and how, by continuing to walk in God’s story, we can learn to love too.

If you know God’s story of grace and where your story fits in, learn how to take the next step and make your story bigger than it’s ever been before!


“Continues the lyrical and engaging passion that Elizabeth brings to teaching us more about God’s story and how we are part of that eternal story. With substantive questions and exposition she challenges the reader to learn more of the transforming power of the gospel and to grow in our worship of the God of grace.”

—Jane Patete, Women’s Ministries Coordinator, Presbyterian Church in America

“Elizabeth leads us to Scripture to understand God's covenant love, keeping us gospel centered at every point along the way. She first helps us to see how God has changed us by his love and urges us to reach out to those around us with his glorious love and grace.”

—Sarah Ivill, Retreat and Conference Speaker; Author of the Bible Studies Judges & Ruth and Revelation


The Author

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage is a gospel life and legacy coach, author, and speaker. She helps people live, prepare, and share their legacy to bring hope to future generations. She cofounded the Numbering Your Days Network to share gospel encouragement for aging, caregiving, legacy, grief, and end of life. Elizabeth and her husband, Kip, enjoy feasting and sharing good stories with their four adult children, their children-in-law, and their young grandchildren.